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KPR Bluegrass East chapter meeting notification

Our FIRST meeting of the new year will be held on Wednesday January 13, 2016, at the Golden Corral on New Circle Road in Lexington!  Hope everyone has recovered from staying up on December 31st and bringing in the New Year.

This year will be very important for all of us – we need to be very concerned about the health of our Pension Plans and we need to be willing to do everything we can to make sure that the Governor and Legislators fully fund the ARC during the 2016 General Session.  The Governor presents his budget on January 26th and then the Legislators work toward making any changes.  The Kentucky Center for Economic Research will have their annual meeting in Frankfort on January 29th – let me know if you want more info.  They will “dissect” the budget and this should be very interesting.

What can you do to help?

Come to a Chapter meeting and get involved

Attend the Rally on January 27, 2016

Contact Governor Bevin and Legislators 

Recruit new members

If you are on Facebook then “Like” and “Follow” the Kentucky Public Retirees Facebook page.  Also, ask your friends to like and follow.  We have over 1,600 people following KPR – let’s boost that number up to 2,000 in the next couple of weeks.  If you need help with any of this – call/email me and I’ll help you.

There is a petition circulating on – this petition will be sent to Governor Matt Bevin.  The petition has almost 2,000 signatures.  Please go to the, search for Kentucky Pension and sign the petition!  Also, email your friends and ask them to sign too.  When you search 2 petitions will pop up – one is related to a 2013 pension circulated on behalf of the Kentucky Teachers pension and the other is the one related to the KERRS non haz pension.

I prepared a Power Point presentation for the purpose of recruiting new members and providing information on the pension crisis.  If you belong to a group/organization that wants a presentation then let me know and we can try to schedule something.  Probably a 30 minute presentation.  I plan to do presentations in each of our counties – have done Harrison, Nicholas, Powell and Scott.

Back to the meeting:  join us for lunch around 11:30 or around 12:30  for just the meeting portion.  Our speaker will be from Fort Boonesborough State Park.  I hope to have the tee shirts for those who bought but I won’t know until later.  If I do not have then there will be a plan to deliver.

Link to December BE Newsletter -  Dec BE Newsletter

The monthly meeting of the Bluegrass East Chapter of KPR was held on Wednesday December 9th at the Golden Corral on New Circle Road in Lexington.  Ben Rainwater provided entertainment for the meeting and if you were not there you missed a special time with Mr. Rainwater!
Meetings for the next few months will include:
January                Fort Boonesborough representative
February              David Peden – Chief Investment Officer  Kentucky Retirement Systems
March                  Legislator – Damon Thayer?
April                    Legislator – Steve West?
A signup sheet for tee shirts for the January 27, 2016 KPR Rally in Frankfort was passed around.  Contact me if you want to place an order.  I don’t have final cost yet but around $8.00 each.  Attendees should also try to schedule an appointment with their Representative or Senator.  Join us as we RALLY for our Pension Funds!!!!
Letter Writing Campaign:  has been extended for the next couple of months!  Our Goal is 225 letters which is 1 letter per member.  As of today we are at 30% of our goal.  One member has written 15 letters – Yay Brian!!!  Also, please consider writing Governor Matt Bevin 700 Capitol Avenue Suite 100 Frankfort, KY 40601.  Let me know if you need “talking points” and/or home addresses of Legislators.
We are working on a Gift Basket for the June 1 – June 3 KPR annual meeting that is being held in Bowling Green, KY.  The idea is to have a gift from each of our counties packaged into a huge Gift Basket or box if necessary!!  Something in the range of $15-$25 that is special to each County.  Harrison County will have something from 3M – Cynthiana is home to the 3M plant that manufacturers all of the Post It notes in the world!  Let me know if you have an idea for your County!
Hope to see you at a future meeting and at the January Rally too!

Rep. Mike Harmon, Republican candidate for State Auditor, responds to a question about whether he would support full funding of the ARC at the  Bluegrass West Chapter meeting on October 20, 2015. He would unless it required the issuance of bonds.

The Bluegrass East Chapter meeting was held Wednesday October 11th at Natural Bridge State Resort Park.  The first order of business was to sing “Happy Anniversary” to our club as this month we celebrate 20 years of service to our members!  Thanks to Eva Jane for providing this information!!  We were chartered the 24th day of October, 1995.  KPRs President at that time was Bob D. Henson and the Secretary was Ann Peel.


Drew Curtis was our speaker.  He is the Independent candidate in the race for the 2015 Governor election.  He has a plan on how to address the Pension Crisis which includes the promise to fund the ARC and to try to find a dedicated source of funding in addition to funding the ARC.  He believes the pension crisis is the #1 problem facing Kentucky and this will be his primary  and immediate focus.


Information on our Letter Writing Campaign was distributed.  This info included names and home addresses of the 9 Senators and 20 Legislators in our 12 County chapter area.  Members are encouraged to write at least one letter to their Senator and Representative.  The person who writes the most letters will receive a $50 gift certificate from the Cheesecake Factory.  Would you believe:  5 Chapter area Senators and 10 Legislators represent portions of Fayette County?


Our goal is 225 handwritten letters.  That is one letter per person – we can do that!


The KPR Annual meeting tentative date is June 1 – June 3 in Bowling Green.


On October 29th the Chapter will have a booth at the Humana health fair in Lexington (am) and Richmond (pm).  We hope to sign up new members for our Chapter area and potentially solicit membership from retirees in other counties.  As always we will encourage new members to attend whatever Chapter they wish to attend. 


The Legislative Committee of KPR has submitted a list of questions to gubernatorial candidates and will distribute once it is complete.


And don’t forget the Rally in Frankfort:  January 27th 12:30 pm-2 pm ………


Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday November 11th at the New Circle Road Golden Corral in Lexington.  The Executive Director (Lori Fliwa) of the New Opportunity School For Women will make a presentation and Senator Reginald Thomas  may be at our meeting for a presentation.


The door prize will be  ????? – you’ll have to attend the meeting to find out!

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