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Link to pictures from the December 2015 CV Chapter meeting -  December 2015 Meeting
The Cumberland Valley Chapter of the Kentucky Public Retirees (KPR) met in Pineville on Monday, October 12, 2015. We were honored to have as our guest speaker state Representative Rick G. Nelson (House District 87), this year's Democratic candidate for State Treasurer. Representative Nelson promised us his support in fully funding the actuarial required contribution (ARC) for KRS in next year's budget. He also promised his support in helping to find a dedicated source of income to help with funding KRS going forward.
The Chapter also met on Tuesday, August 11th  in London, KY. We were honored to have State Representatives Marie Radar from McKee as our guest speaker. Her district includes parts of Rockcastle and Laurel counties and all of Jackson. She is a member of the House Committee on Appropriations and Revenue and is also a member of the recently formed Governor's task force on the teacher retirement system. Marie gave our KPR members her promise that she would  vote to fund thr ARC in the 2016 legislative session.
In July, the Chapter met on Tuesday, July 14th in Corbin, KY. We were honored to have State Representative Jim Stewart III,  who represents Knox and Laurel counties, as our guest speaker. The points Representative Stewart, who is a member of the House Appropriations and Revenue committee, wants our KPR members to know are:
1. That he felt it his duty as a member of the legislature to try and get the state of KY to honor its commitment to its retirees;
2. That he voted against Senate Bill 2 back in 2013, because it took our COLA away, and he felt the bill would have an overall negative effect economically on state and county retirees;
3. That he will support full funding the ARC in 2016 and in future years;
4. And that he will also support giving state and county retirees a cost of living raise (COLA).
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The Cumberland Valley Chapter of the Kentucky Public Retirees (KPR) met on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Meeting was held Thompson Park in Barbourville and was our annual picnic meeting. We were honored to have Drew Curtis from Lexington, the independent candidate for governor as our guest speaker . Drew outlined his plan for dealing with the funding issues facing our pension system, which he has included his plan as part of his platform in his run for governor. His plan can be found in detail by following this link:  Drew Curtis Plan
Pictures from the meeting are found here - CV Picnic Sept 2015

State Represeentative Rick Nelson was the speaker October 12 at the Cumberland Valley Chapter KPR meeting held at the Pineville Bell County Public Library in Pineville.

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CV Oct 2015 Meeting